Don't just visit the castle, try to escape it




 15 Minute Escape - POW Inspection $6/person

Someone has to make sure the POWs are following the rules. You and your co-inspectors will have 15 minutes in an authentic cell to make sure POW's are following protocol. 
The POWs won't make it easy.  Good for the novice to the experienced escaper.

This option is only available in combination with a daytime history tour.
All ages allowed in the room. Every one 5 and older is charged. 
Young children allowed in with adult.
12 person maximum.

Escape Room


Dinner & Escape  (Offered for private parties only at this time)
Prohibition themed  clue adventure game
Groups work in teams to solve all the puzzles.

Upon completion, discover if gangster or police

$40/adult Online, $43/Phone Order

$32/child 9-17
Reservations required


7:15 pm Check In

7:30 pm First Course

7:50 pm Entree

8:20 pm Game (in castle basement)

9:20 pm Dessert

 60 Minute Escape - Officers Lockdown
 $25/person ($22 for groups of 8 or more)

It is the height of the war, risk has elevated, forcing you and your fellow officers to move to a more secure location in the lower level of the castle . You have 60 minutes to determine your next move hopefully before the situation changes to "severe risk"


Good for folks 8 years and up
3 - 12 people


Custom times possible


Escape - Officers Lockdown

Private Dinner & Escape
25 - 30 Guests $52/person

31 - 35 Guests $48/person
36 - 40 Guests $46/person
41 - 45 Guests $44/person
46 - 50 Guests $42/person
51 - 60 Guests $40/person
61 - 80 Guests $38/person
81 - 120 Guests $36/person
121 - 140 Guests $34/person
plus 8.1% sales tax

Dinner & Escape

$26/person with escape, castle provided dishes linens, client provided meal

Price for Escape Only  (meal offsite) $22/person

Price for Escape & Appetizers $32/person

Optional Beer and Wine bar can be made available