Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I visit the castle or use the castle for free?
I see your schedule of event times, private rental fees and places to make reservations, but I can I find your your times for free events or access?


A: At this time, to visit the castle or to use the castle, you have to register  for a schedule event and pay the requisite fee or be a guest at a private function where the host has paid.

2) Tour minimums

A: In an attempt not to wear out our guides, we have set minimums for a tour to take place.  On daytime tours (especially in off season) the minimum must be met by the first reservation. This secures the guide for that slot. Once minimum is met, others may register without meeting the minimum either on-line or at the drive.


Tip: If there is only one time slot you can make, and you want to guarantee a tour takes place, order the minimum number. If others, join you, we refund unused spots.